Instagram tests the option to publish from a desktop browser

In a very short time it is likely that you can post photos to Instagram from your preferred desktop browser. The social network has begun to publicly test this new option, marking a break in its history. Recall that since its creation, the platform allowed content to be loaded only through its mobile applications.

For this reason, the web version limited users to see the publications or stories of the available accounts. But this is no longer the case for everyone. In fact, Instagram confirmed to Engadget that the test to publish from outside the apps is already underway.

“We know that many people access Instagram from their computers. To improve that experience, we are testing the ability to post to the feed with their desktop browsers,” said a spokesperson for the service. Still unknown how long this feature will be tested before defining whether or not to land on the social network.

Instagram wants you to post from your computer

Instagram tests an option to post from a desktop browserImage: Engadget

Last May, the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi had discovered the existence of this function. However, back then it seemed more like an internal Instagram test than a feasible publicity option. Screenshots already circulating on the web show that, finally, the desktop publishing function is closer than previously thought.

In itself there is nothing too revolutionary in its implementation. Users can browse their computer storage (or drag photos onto the web interface) and place filters and a description.

Although it is true that there has always been a group of users claiming the possibility of publishing content from a computer, the Instagram experience has historically been related to mobile devices. That differentiated it from Facebook and Twitter, when there were no endless social platforms.

What is clear is that Instagram is increasingly far from its original version. It is worth remembering that, in the last few hours, the service also began to test a function that shows suggested posts in the feed, even above those of friends and acquaintances.

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