Instagram is working on an option through which the messages of private conversations between users are automatically deleted. In this way, once you leave the conversation you will not be able to see them again.

This was published on Twitter by Jane Manchun Wong, recognized for reverse engineering the main applications and services to discover new functions that have not yet been officially revealed. Accompanying the information with a video, it showed the exact operation of the new quality, which would mean the arrival of one of the most revered possibilities of other messaging apps like Telegram.

Automatic message deletion, a universal feature?

Later, it was the social network itself that confirmed in a reply to the tweet that Wong was indeed the option to self-destruct messages of private conversations existed and was being tested. “We are always exploring new features to enhance their messaging experience,” they express from Instagram, and continue: “This feature is still in early development and not yet being tested externally!”

In addition, this option is also being tested on WhatsApp, so it could be extended to another of the main platforms of the moment in the near future. There is no date yet for this to occur, however.

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