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The inclusive language continues to gain ground and others will already be able to feel greater inclusion in social networks such as Instagram, which announced that it will allow people to add up to four pronouns to their profile, which they can then choose to show publicly or only to their followers.

Instagram, which announced this new feature on its Twitter account, said that this modification is already available in a “few countries”, but did not specify more.

For now, it is known that in the United States it is already possible to access this function.

Not binary

Although not everyone feels the need to share or specify their gender, specialists explain that it is important to assume that gender is a social construction and has to do with all behavioral expectations.

In the case of non-binary gender, individuals flow between masculine and feminine, identify with both and take up certain elements or do not identify with either.

In this context, Instagram supports gender identity as something important and that is why it will be integrated into the profile with more identification options.

It should be remembered that there are already other platforms that allow their users to add pronouns to their profiles such as: dating applications, such as OkCupid Y Lyft.

Also Facebook allows users to define their pronouns although it is a function more limited to “he / she, she / they and they / they”.

For now, inclusive language, which is part of the visibility that many communities seek, is still a relevant issue, because in a binary system many non-binary people by necessity have to choose a pronoun with which they do not feel identification.

Gender, social construction

Gestalt psychotherapist and sexologist, Teresa Salgado, explains that it is important to start from the fact that gender is a social construction and has to do with all expectations of behaviors, ways of feeling and expressing oneself in relation to the sex assigned at birth based on the genitals, male or female. Sometimes gender and sex identity go hand in hand but sometimes they don’t. And it is valid.

“People are immersed in a binary sex-gender system where there are only two options: man or woman, but between both there is a whole spectrum, which are invisible or an attempt is made in the binary system to couple them to a man or a woman.”

Once the function is active in the countries, it can be activated from your profile page, by clicking on “Edit profile”, then you will look in the list of elements for the option of “Pronouns” where you can choose up to four elements or pronouns.

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