Instagram is following in the footsteps of YouTube and will add subtitles to certain types of videos

The objective is to make the platform more inclusive, the same reason that Twitter works in a similar function

Worldwide there are around 466 million people with hearing loss

Being inclusive is essential today for brands, businesses and for society itself, which is why various companies have adapted their products and services to respond to this need. An example is what you are doing Instagram.

The videos and photos app launched a feature on Tuesday so that the videos that are published through IGTV include automatic subtitles.

One step to be more inclusive

In what Instagram has called an effort to make the platform more accessible to all users, this feature will work thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm that will make it possible to subtitle recordings.

According to the app owned by Facebook, this is currently possible in 15 languages and will appear if users are playing the contents with the volume to minimum.

An important aspect is that the subtitles can be turned on and off via settings or from a drop down menu in the video.

“Automatic captioning in videos requires a lot of research and state-of-the-art engineering to feed the artificial intelligence that enables this feature, as there is a wide variety of different languages, topics, acoustic conditions, cultural jargon and accents among the thousands of videos posted daily on Instagram. (…) We are happy to be able to implement this function, as it is a request from our community. This is a small step to offer greater accessibility on Instagram, which we intend to expand to other languages ​​and countries soon, ”says Instagram.

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A trend on social platforms

Instagram tweak follows in the footsteps of what other apps like have done Youtube, which for years has had a button that allows users to activate subtitles in the language in which they are recorded.

In fact, it even had a tool for creators that made it possible for the community to contribute to the subtitling of their pieces, although last month the video platform of Google He announced that he would terminate it because it did not generate « much traction. »

However, it is clear that a function such as subtitles is very useful for users, especially for people with hearing loss, which affects around 466 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Although, it can even have practical uses such as for those who study another language or transcripts, to name a few.

Digital platforms have undoubtedly realized their usefulness, an example of this is that Twitter It also works on the development of tools to add automatic subtitling to videos and audios in order to make the social network more accessible.

« Serving the public conversation means continually taking steps to make Twitter more accessible, from what we create to the internal programs and policies we implement globally, and this must include people with disabilities, » said the social network some days ago.