Instagram launches a new feature for its reels A remix!

Instagram launches a new feature for its reels A remix! | Unsplash

The famous Instagram application has launched the function Remix In Reels, because now you can combine and mix videos, something that will undoubtedly attract much more attention from the millions of users of the camera application.

With this new tool, the application is getting closer and closer to that of TikTok and with it you will have more opportunities to create, interact, connect and collaborate.

The Instagram social network continues to renew itself to compete with other applications, now it has launched the Remix function in Reels, with which users can now combine and mix videos.

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This is how now the new tool stands out for giving more opportunities to create, interact, connect and collaborate.

With this step, Instagram is getting closer and closer to TikTok, after presenting Remix, its clone of the Duo function, which allows users to record a Reel with an existing one, allowing them to post reactions, reply to friends or bring a different perspective.

With Remix en Reels, users of the social network will be able to experience a new way of creating and collaborating in Reels, since this new function allows them to capture a reaction, respond to their friends or bring a new perspective to the latest trends in Reels.

Now people will be able to connect with friends and interact with each other, just as they have been doing with the Question Sticker and the Polls in the Stories.

This new tool allows them to have more fun and interact in a more attractive way with their contacts from the popular social network.

It is worth mentioning that to be able to use it you will only have to find the Reel that you like the most and click on the three-point menu on a Reel, then you have to select “Mix this reel”.

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At this time the screen will be divided into the original Reel and the new one; your recording will be side by side with the original reels.

Once it’s recorded, edit it to your liking and share your remixed Reel with each of your followers.

As you may recall, it was at the end of 2019 when Instagram launched its first version of Reels, as an option to create short videos of up to 15 seconds, later extended the time limit to 30 seconds, a decision it made in response to requests for users, reported at the time Instagram.

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On the other hand, today, most mobile devices are consumed especially by the benefits of their many cameras and the magic that they can do for the user and their environment through their photographs.

This, of course, to make your social networks much more attractive and look like a celebrity to your followers.

However, no matter how much technology people have in the palm of their hand, it is necessary to take a good shot and many times this is not achieved or they simply want to give it a plus that goes out of the conventional and leaves the photographs as 100 percent material. original that ends up being the envy of all.

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