Instagram wants to make the social network more useful and invest time in its application at a time when the coronavirus (COVID-19) has millions of people around the world confined in their homes. To do this, add a new function to the section of video calls, which live a new boom as a consequence of the quarantine.

Dubbed Co-Watching, what the new feature allows is share the screen with members of a video call to see platform posts together, thus adding one more ingredient of interactivity in this aspect. You can see saved posts as a whole, those that have been liked or suggested.

Making use of the new tool is as easy as starting a new video call in the usual way and clicking on the publications icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Fighting COVID-19

In addition to Co-Watching, Instagram announced other new measures and tools focused on the situation surrounding the coronavirus on Tuesday, such as a Elimination of account and post recommendations related to the issue if not from a trusted organization. It will also add more useful resources within the search results.

Additionally, will launch the sticker of donations in more countries and will make it easier to find those organizations dedicated to the fight against the disease. Finally, for a few days he has been promoting staying at home and social distancing through the “At home” sticker, which adds the stories published with him to a dedicated summary on the home screen.

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