Instagram continues to grow as a channel to stay informed and cut more and more distances with Twitter. That is what emerges from the data offered by the Digital News Report for 2020 released by the . Institute this Tuesday.

The report, undoubtedly marked by the coronavirus crisis, shows interesting results on the consumption of global news and in Spain. In line with what we have been seeing for years.

Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are the main channels of information in terms of social networks and platforms.

Instagram, information for young people

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From the group of users who used social networks to get information during the last week, data reveals that 11% consumed news on Instagram, a platform a priori unfavorable to the dissemination of information. Twitter, a social network where traditionally the media and journalists have predominated and predominate, only surpasses it by one point, with 12%.

Below, 8 and 3% of these users globally report through Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, while at the top we find Facebook, which represents 36%; YouTube, 21%; and WhatsApp, 16%.

In Spain, 44% were reported by Facebook, 34% by WhatsApp, 25% by YouTube, 20% by Twitter and 17% by Instagram.

While Instagram is used by more than a third of all the people who responded to the survey, among those under 25 the use increases to two-thirds

Facebook and Instagram will allow disabling political ads in the US elections

The growth of Instagram is not trivial because, according to previous data in this same report from the . Institute, The use of Instagram as a source of information has doubled since 2018 this increase being largely the responsibility of young people. In the United Kingdom, for example, almost a quarter of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 used the social network focused on photos and videos to find out about the coronavirus.

Globally, while Instagram is used by more than a third of all the people who responded to the survey, usage among those under 25 increases to two-thirds. For the main author of the report, Nic Newman, it is explained why the visual pleases young people. “They really respond well to stories that are told simply and well with visual images.”, he has told BBC News. Likewise, in recent months, Instagram has also been an informative epicenter for initiatives such as those related to the Black Lives Matter movement.