Instagram begins to move away from hashtags and closer to keywords

The social network for photos, Instagram, installed the use of search through keywords without the need for hashtags.

For a publication in Instagram has a broader scope, it is necessary to use hashtags. Put the specific words, preceded by the pound symbol (#) makes the different posts are segmented by themes. So if it is the case that a person searches for a certain publication and the phrase was not placed with the hashtag, it will not be found.

This function began to change and Instagram has already established the modifications in six English-speaking countries. . reviews that he United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Canada and in two other countries another modality was implemented.

It is about the keywords, as it happens in other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Without the need for a hashtag, you can search for a post. However, the keyword will have to be written in the caption or description.

Searches on Instagram

Searching for posts on Instagram is tricky, it could even be described as frustrating. You will hardly get what you are browsing unless you know the specific user of the account. It even passes between accounts that follow each other.

However, a spokesperson announced that this positive change will only be seen for some specific issues. « The search is limited to topics of general interest and keywords that are within the guidelines of the Instagram community, » he said.