For a few years now the world has been digital. What does not exist online practically does not exist in the real world. If this statement was already forceful a year ago, the coronavirus pandemic and confinement confirmed it and exponentially enhanced it. Therefore, the search for a livelihood on the Internet is essential and fortunately, Instagram joins today the platforms that remunerate their creatives.

In a new statement, Instagram just announced their new plans to share video ad revenue with artists who create content and share it on this platform.

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Instagram plans focus on opening a new way for creators to win a ball through IGTV, the internal full-length video application. These plans, in part, are an attempt to support your community during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Creators have always been at the center of our community”the Facebook company wrote in a blog post. “From the early days of Instagram, they have inspired people from all over the world with their talents, shared their lives, and built their personal brands from scratch.”

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“We have always been committed to supporting creators as they turn their passion into livelihoods, because each creator is unique, and that means providing a combination of monetization tools to help creators of all sizes. From the emerging to the most established. Given the uncertain circumstances many face today, that commitment is more important than ever. ”Instagram emphasized.

The statement announces that the announcements on IGTV will be introduced starting next week, although the exact date was not specified. and that the income will be shared with its community of creators.

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According to Instagram, “IGTV ads will initially appear when people click to see IGTV videos of previews in their feed. Video ads will be built for mobile devices and will last up to 15 seconds ”. If you are one of those who hate ads, don’t worry, experiences to be able to skip them are also being considered.

The initial test will be done with “a small group of creators and advertisers in the United States” and Little by little it will be rolled out to everyone as we “improve the experience”.