Instagram adds a sticker to subtitle your stories automatically

Instagram is one of the most used applications on the planet. In recent years it has not stopped adding – and copying – functions. The latest from the social network owned by Facebook is a feature that allows you to add automatic subtitles in stories.

Tired of adding subtitles with other apps? Your wishes have come true. From now on you can subtitle the videos of your stories thanks to a new sticker that will make an automatic transcription. This is a similar function to the one that TikTok incorporated previously.

Instagram says that, The feature is currently only available in “English-speaking countries”. However, it is expected to reach other languages ​​later. In addition, the social network anticipates that it will begin to test automatic subtitles also in Reels.

However, automatic captions are not something new on Instagram. They are already available on Threads and IGTV, only now they are coming to stories and soon to Reels. One of the objectives of this function is that the mentioned applications are more efficient and inclusive.

How do automatic captions work on Instagram?

Using automatic captions is very easy. Of course, remember that they are only available in English. Open Instagram and swipe right to create a story. Record a video, tap on the stickers icon and locate the automatic subtitles icon.

Like other stickers, you can adjust the style and color. In addition, you can edit some words to correct errors and improve the precision of the transcribed text. Of course, there is no function to highlight text on images – as in movies – to make it easier to read.

Instagram Live Rooms

Recently, Instagram also improved its Live Rooms feature, introduced last month. Participants now have the option to turn off the microphone and camera. It is a function very similar to what the new trendy social network, Clubhouse, offers.

On the other hand, in order to keep up with the competition, Instagram doubled the maximum capacity of members in a transmission. That is, instead of two participants, Live Rooms now allows four people to simultaneously broadcast in one room.