Google adds to its augmented reality engine dozens of bugs and insects that you can see and photograph in 3D in the Real World ™ with your Android mobile

It’s been a long time since Google stopped working on projects like Tango and its spatial intelligence to focus on ARCore, their new augmented reality platform that allows us, for example and already for a year, things as impressive as seeing 3D models of objects or animals from the Google search engine of our Android mobiles.

In fact, the time we’ve spent locked up at home in the past few months made many find in this functionality a very instructive entertainment also for the little ones, and that’s how 3D animals have gained prominence making Google work on realistic sound effects and more three-dimensional models that . presents today.

Visualize 3D animals in the real world thanks to Google

Google’s 3D zoo grows and adds up to 23 models of bugs and insects with which you can now play, educate the little ones or take creative pictures, and also a carousel of related models is added so that finding more animals is much more simple

The colleagues of 9to5Google also told us that the 23 new members of the Google 3G zoo They will obviously look bigger than their actual size, given their nature, and they also feature custom sound effects and 3D models that we can zoom in or out, see in simulated lighting conditions or place them in the Real World ™ pointing the camera of our smartphone.

The best part is that you don’t need a very functional smartphone but only one compatible with ARCore technologyFortunately, the complete list of compatible devices is wide to reach almost everyone.

The trick to see these animals in 3D is very simple, you must search for them by name in Google Search and among the results you will find a button that will indicate « View in 3D » and once pressed, it will open the three-dimensional model, with a very good graphic quality and offering you the possibility of resizing it and place it anywhere pointing at the smartphone camera.

The list of animals is extensive, from giant panda bears to dinosaurs or cute puppies, and the tool allows us to move them with two fingers or even take pictures with them and our family, to share our best creations on social networks.

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The top GIF image shows them all together, but the alphabetical list of the 23 new bugs and critters that you can already find in Google Search is the following:

Atlas beetle
Atlas moth
Brown cicada
Evening cicada
Hercules beetle
Giant stag
Jewel beetle
Mantis, grasshopper
Miyama stag beetle
Morpho butterfly
Periodical cicada
Rhinoceros beetle
Robust cicada
Rosalia batesi
Shining ball scarab beetle
Stag beetle
Swallowtail butterfly
Walker’s cicada

On Android phones you can listen to the noises associated with each animal adding more realism to the models, though on iPhone it is also possible to see them being within ARCore compatibility. Also, as Google’s 3D wildlife continues to grow, the Mountain View giant has now included a carousel of related models that will facilitate navigation through the different bugs.

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