Innovate explained with a book that has no waste

Achieving innovation has become a benchmark for creating companies of great value in the market.

Given this value, brand building has become a benchmark of great weight in the market.

An element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that helps us understand the consumer market.

As is to be expected in this market, a common element in all of them is that which has to do with adapting hand in hand with the innovation activity, which is the correct management of ideas through which we achieve greater value in the market.

Faced with this scenario, an aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the one that has to do with the way in which brands manage to understand consumption, which is generally where innovation is focused.

That said, one aspect that we cannot lose sight of is Innovating: A manifesto of action

by Luis Perez-Breva when we have the information.

The author created a work in which he explains that innovation is an action, which does not start when you bet on ideas of potential, on the contrary, it starts with yourself regardless of the role you play either as an entrepreneur, cinematic, artist, politician or activist.

Perez ensures that you can start with just a hunch and start an innovation that does not disappoint, which starts from what you have, which can be improved with practice.

The author recognizes that innovating is not difficult and that there is a lot of confusion around the concept, so it should be valued as a keyword in the scope of companies, within society, within economic competitiveness or in the weight of the companies.

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