“Innocent” of acting as UAE agent declared former Trump adviser

15 minutes. Tom Barrack, the former adviser to former US President Donald Trump, pleaded not guilty to the charges in a New York court on Monday.

Barrack was charged with acting as a foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“In time, you will see that I am 100% innocent,” Barrack told the media upon his departure from federal court in Brooklyn on Monday.

Just 3 days after being released after agreeing to post a US $ 250 million bond.

Judge Sanket Bulsara maintained the US $ 250 million bail on Monday, at the same time that he dated Barrack’s next court hearing for next September 2.

Bulsara also prohibited Trump’s former adviser from having contact with any UAE representative, traveling by private jets and carrying out any bank transactions abroad, while domestic ones will have to be less than US $ 50,000.

In the agreement signed for his release on bail, Barrack, who will reside in Aspen, Colorado, only has permission to travel to Southern California to see his children and to New York for future court hearings.

For this reason, the authorities placed an electronic device on his ankle to verify that he meets this requirement.

Friend of Trump

Barrack, arrested last Tuesday in Los Angeles, California, has been a friend of Trump for decades.

He cooperated with the Republican leader’s electoral campaign in 2016, after which he presided over the organization in charge of his inauguration in 2017.

The Justice Department reported after his arrest that Barrack faces federal charges in New York.

For his “illegal attempts to advance UAE interests in the United States.”

According to the indictment, the 74-year-old investor “influenced political positions” when Trump was a presidential candidate in 2016.

Just as when he came to the White House, to adjust to the interests of that emirate of the Persian Gulf.

Along with 3 other defendants, Barrack worked to “advance the interests (of the emirate) and provide intelligence to the UAE, without notifying the US attorney general that he was following instructions from senior officials” in that Arab country, the Justice Department explained.

Federal authorities also indicted his 2 alleged aides in the plot: Matthew Grimes, 27, who was also arrested on Tuesday, and a 43-year-old Emirati citizen, Rashid Sultan Rashid Al Malik Alshahhi, who is still free.

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