At the beginning of last year it was announced for the hybrid console Inmost, a dark game of action and puzzle Pixelart style that was scheduled to land that same year, however, there are a few unforeseen events that have occurred throughout the previous months, making it most understandable that it was delayed compared to the date initially planned. The independent developer Hidden Layer Games, in charge of this title, has been in charge of communicating that it regrets the change, and for the time being ensures that it will try to make it available within this summer, without being able to specify the exact day yet. Meanwhile, the company is updating data on the news that will await us in its game, such as the following cuteness that you can see below:

Escape from the depths of a maze from another world in this spectacular platform and puzzle game. Explore an unforgettable and beautiful world in pixel art, with three playable characters united by a dark interconnected story …

Something lurks in the shadows …

INMOST, work of the independent Lithuanian studio Hidden Layers Games, is a narrative platform and puzzle game, very emotional and immersive. Discover the story of a young adventurer, a stoic knight and a man looking for answers.

Explore decadent nightmare environments, destroy your enemies and activate deadly traps to escape the evil that awaits on the way …

** INMOST is an intimate story of loss and hope that some players may find depressing. Caution is recommended to players. **


Enter an unforgettable and immersive world of pixel art.

Three main characters, each with their own unique playstyle

A knight enters the depths of a ruined castle. A girl discovers the past of a terrifying house. A tramp searches for answers.

Lure enemies into deadly traps, solve puzzles in the environment, and use your scythe, hook, and pickaxe to avoid bloody death!

Discover an emotional 3-5 hour story that is meant to be played alone on a dark and stormy night.

Explore every nook and cranny in the game to find collectibles and secret passageways.

Pixelated graphics created with passion!

Translated into 14 languages.

With the voices of Andrew Dennis and Cassandra Lee Morris

Inmost trailer (Nintendo Switch eShop)

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