INM officials and police officers are prosecuted for the death of 19 illegal immigrants in NL

Raúl Flores Martínez

A judge linked the process against two public servants of the Migration’s national institute (INM), and seven elements of the Escobedo Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Nuevo León for his probable responsibility in the commission of the crime against the administration of justice.

The District Judge Specialized in the Accusatory Penal System, acting as Control Judge, ordered such a link for federal officials Jesús Misael Rodríguez Chavarría and Abraham Tadeo Ayala Luna; in addition to the municipal elements of Escobedo, Adalberto Trinidad Vite, Julio Cesar García Castillo, Beatriz Adriana Martínez Silva, Juan Ángel Cruz Morteo, Francisco Enrique Ríos Pérez, Eulalio Coronel Rivera and Baltazar Carrillo Rodríguez for their probable responsibility in the aforementioned crime.

It is worth mentioning that the events are related to the discovery of a truck, which was insured by the INM in Nuevo León since last December 6, which was returned by the Federal Public servants and later found burned in the state of Tamaulipas, and in whose interior 19 bodies were found, including people of foreign origin.

Due to these facts, the Judge granted the aforementioned relationship and at the same time granted a term of three months for the complementary investigation.

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