Injures his 4-year-old stepson’s penis by wetting the bed

Unfortunately, there are men and women who decide to rebuild their lives without noticing who, something extremely important, especially when there are children involved, well sadly not everyone is willing to play their stepparent role in a good way.

Colombian media recently released an unfortunate case of domestic violence. The victim, a boy of only 4 years old who ended up in the hospital because of his stepfather.

The minor’s aunt filed a complaint against his nephew’s stepfather after he caused a serious injury to his penis, after the boy urinated on the bed.

According to the woman, the man rubbed the child’s face over the area where the humidity was and then caused the wound in the genital area. As if that were not enough, the aggression was witnessed by the child’s mother, identified as Elizabeth González, who has also been denounced for complicity in events, since a month earlier she also witnessed how her partner beat her up.

In addition, some neighbors indicated that it was not the first time that this little boy had been abused by his stepfather.

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