Initial sales of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S revealed in Japan

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PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S had a fairly successful launch in various regions of the world, but for now we do not know their sales figures at a general level.

Fortunately, this changes little by little, as regional sales reports have already started to come to light. Thanks to Famitsu, the first sales figures for next-generation consoles in Japan were released.

PlayStation 4 dominated sales in the Asian country for most of the generation, while Xbox One was one of the least sold systems in the region. This trend is preserved to some extent in the new generation, as Sony continues to lead.

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PS5 outsold Xbox Series X | S at its Japan premiere

According to the report, the PlayStation 5 far exceeded the initial sales of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in Japan. Famitsu recorded the figures for the first 4 days of Sony system sales. In the case of Microsoft consoles, sales for the first 6 days were recorded.

PlayStation 5 managed to sell 118,085 units. It is worth remembering that PlayStation 3 sold 88,443 consoles during its first 2 days, while PlayStation 4 managed to sell 322,083 units in the same period.

Thus, the initial sales of the PlayStation 5 in Japan are not the best brand Sony has recorded at a premiere. On the other hand, sales of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in the country amounted to only 20,534 units.

This means that the new Microsoft consoles sold less at their premiere than Xbox One, a system that registered 24,000 units sold at its launch in Japan. Possibly the situation of the brand in the Asian country may improve in the coming months.

As for next-gen games, it was only revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PlayStation 5 sold 18,640 copies in Japan, while Demon’s Souls sold 18,607 units.

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PlayStation 5 is now available in countries like Mexico, the United States and Japan. It will be available in the rest of the world on November 19. Find more information about the console at this link.