Initial level is finished in nine seconds

The mark was met on the first weekend of the game’s launch. Photo: IO Interactive | IO Interactive

The world of gaming is full of all kinds of challenges that many users (especially professional streamers) take with great dedication if they want to be taken seriously by one of the most demanding communities in geek culture.

Only a week has passed since “Hitman 3”, New installment of the acclaimed saga of IO Interactive became available for sale. Although it is not exactly a very long game, the design of its levels and scenarios provides enough complexity for the player to find creative and elaborate ways to execute their murders.

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It is estimated that his first stage, which is set in the city of Dubai, it could take the average gamer about an hour if they want to complete it by unlocking each of their secrets. However, a player would have taken it upon himself to accomplish the two main objectives as quickly as possible, managing to hit a nine-second mark.

The YouTube channel « Goron » begins the mission in the lobby of the building, armed with a silencer pistol. While both targets are in view from below, the player fires a first shot to maintain attention, while the targets move just slightly, helping to fire the two shots needed to complete the mission. .

Getting both objectives to move in the indicated position and catching them off guard would require a great initial study of the game scenario and since these are the only requirements to end the mission, it would only be a matter of using a large number of attempts before to be able to achieve the desired result.

Some analysts point out that, to achieve this challenge, the best option is to try it through a Xbox series x instead of a PS5 due to the speed of the graphics engine in the console Microsoft. This would not make it exempt from some problems on the game’s servers during its launch, in which some reports report that players would have difficulties when saving their games.

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« Hitman 3”Is the closing of the reboot trilogy of the franchise that began in 2016. It is also available in PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through Epic Games Store, Stadia and Steam.