Neighbors from some of the poorer neighborhoods of Morelos ask for help to get food.

Héctor Raúl González

Almost two months after losing their jobs, members of low-income families decided to put pieces of white cloth in the entrances of their houses to attract attention from the authorities and get some support.

Odilón Aguirre Martínez, a neighbor of the Colonia Revolución del Sur, in the municipality of Yautepec, assures, in an interview, that Neither he nor his family nor his neighbors will be killed by the coronavirus, but by lack of food.

“I think the government knows it, that they have already put us in crisis; there is no work, there is no money, people are getting poorer. What are we going to do without work? And then, all the shops have closed. The fucking disease is not going to kill us, they are going to starve us. Instead of them saying, ‘Well, let’s go find something to combat that disease,’ if it exists. They are taking away our work, so we don’t eat; if there is no job, there is no money“, said.

For his part, Bartola Abarca Gómez explained that white fabrics are a way of asking for help.

“The truth is as aid, because we have serious needs. There is no work, there is no food, we are in great need, “he said.

The economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic forced her to leave the rented house in which she lived and move to a borrowed one in the middle of a hill.

She and her husband have not had a job for two months.

Sometimes, he says, they barely have enough to buy some chilies, and prepare a sauce to eat with plums that he picks from the fields.

“Sometimes we walk around on the hill pulling, even if it’s plum, making a plum chili to eat. We need your help, we ask for help, not just us, the whole colony is well grounded. They want you to be locked up in their house, but if one doesn’t come out, who is going to bring me a taco? I have to go out, even if it’s to bring a glass of water around; even if it’s with the neighbor, say ‘lend me about two tortillas,’ ”he said.

The placement of white pieces of cloth has been replicated in other Morelos colonies, mainly in the municipalities of Emiliano Zapata, Ayala and Cuautla.

Some pantries have arrived in the Revolución del Sur neighborhood in Yautepec, but in these two months they have been insufficient.

The Food and water shortages add to Covid-19 disease It has reached some of the neighbors, including minors.

If they do not receive help soon, the residents of this neighborhood have warned them to take their white scarves to the city halls to request food, water, money or work.

“I have five children in my house and my husband is the one who works. I’m a housewife, I don’t work. It is already like a month and a half that we are already looking around, even if it is for a kilo of tortillas. That is why we are asking them to help us, not to leave us abandoned here, but we will now go to the Presidency, to ask them for support and to see how they help us, “said Ramona Figueroa.