Ingrit Valencia: “We are going to give everything for the country”

In an atypical season, where uncertainty about sports competitions has been increasing due to the pandemic, the country received great news. Six boxers will represent the country at the Tokyo Olympics. Ingrit Valencia, a bronze medalist in Rio 2016, is confident that, despite the short preparation time, she will arrive in great shape at the Olympic event.

The Colombian athlete has a great record, she was a national boxing champion, a gold and silver medal in the Bolivarian Games (2013 and 2018), a gold medal in the South American Games (2014) and the Central American and Caribbean Games (2014 and 2018), as well as a bronze medal in the past Olympic Games (2016). It is for this reason that the Moralense is one of the important letters of the Colombian delegation to obtain a medal in this contest that will take place in Tokyo between July and August.

In an interview with AS Colombia, Ingrit Valencia referred to how she received the news of qualifying for Tokyo 2021, how has been his preparation, the cancellation of the Olympics in 2020 and the goals he has for this season.

Qualification for the Tokyo Olympics

“Happy, happy, I take the news with great happiness, attitude and great pride because this will be my second Olympiad. I think that in boxing there has never been a repeat of going to the Olympics. Apart from my teammates, I am very happy and grateful to God for this”.

Regarding the trip and how the competition will develop, he stated that, “we still don’t know anything about how our preparation will beWe don’t know where we are going to go, not even when we travel to Tokyo. The idea is to prepare in the European continent and finish in Asia, obviously having a blank with the main rivals that we can find in the Olympic Games “.

Preparation in an unusual season

“Over the course of all this time, these five years of preparation from Rio 2016 onwards, it was a pretty good cycle for me, I did well in all competitions and in sport I have matured a little more“.

Regarding her performance and how she has been able to train, taking into account many of the restrictions due to the pandemic, Ingrit Valencia stated that, “the jobs are much more conscious and obviously focused on what I like and what I want to achieve in Tokyo. I am prepared and focused, ready to learn more, meet my rivals, give an excellent presentation. and may all this lead me to the final. I want to improve what has been done in Rio and it all depends on the work and skills that are given to us. “

He also assured that, “the objective is to take advantage of that little time that we have left and do preparation competitions. You fight or fight with boxers from different countries and then get to Tokyo, keep adjusting, keep maintaining the moment for what will be the Olympic Games. “

The pandemic and how it affected your performance

“It has been difficult because with all this COVID. Due to the pandemic, everything was closed since last year, they canceled events, the Olympics were canceled and it was very hard; It is as if one regressed in the preparation, in everything that has been done, but I am clear that the things of God go through something and this happened and it also reassures me that it was not only for me, we are on an equal footing. terms.

And he added, “we have to take things as they are, have resilience and adapt to what comes our way and this is what there is. The Olympic Games were canceled, but now in two months they will be held and the idea is to get there well and try to take as much time as possible to prepare. ”

Colombians at the Olympics

“We are Colombia, the land of athletes, we are thriving people, the few or many who qualify for the Olympics we are going to give everything for our country, that’s the goal. To my colleagues from other sports, I wish them all the success and that they fight to leave the face of our country at the top of the podium. ”

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