Ingrit and Yuberjen top boxers list for Olympic

Ingrit Valencia (51 kg category), Yuberjen Martínez (51 kg), Jorge Luis Vivas (81 kg), Cristian Salcedo (+91 kg), Céiber Ávila (57 kg), Jenny Arias (57 kg). These are the six boxers who will represent Colombia in the Tokyo Olympic Games that will begin in July and will run until August 8, thanks to the confirmation of new quotas that was delivered to the country by the international ranking.

“The Special Committee of the International Olympic Committee announced this Wednesday, May 12, the quotas of America for the Tokyo Olympic Games, according to the international ranking, and Colombia received the confirmation of six new quotas, to reach the number of 44 athletes “, reported the COC.

The six boxers got the quota thanks to the ranking they occupied worldwide since due to the situation in the world due to the pandemic, the competition that was going to be held in Argentina to meet the classifieds. The good performance of ours allowed them to access the Olympics and Ingrit Valencia expressed her joy at achieving it.

“I have achieved a place in the Olympics, I am classified, I wanted to share this with you. I am very happy and I hope to represent my country well, Colombia, land of athletes “said the boxer who will compete in the 51 kilogram category.

The 44 Colombian athletes qualified for Tokyo

1. Sandra Lorena Arenas – March
2. Sandra Viviana Galvis – March
3. Bernardo Baloyes – 200 plans
4. Caterine Ibargüen – Triple jump and long jump
5. Yosiri Urrutia – Triple jump
6. José Leonardo Montaña – March
7. Anthony Zambrano – 400m Flat
8. Sebastian Morales – Diving
9. Daniel Restrepo – Diving
10. Juan Manuel Gallego – Equestrian
11. Ana Maria Rendón – archery
12. Carlos Izquierdo Mendez – Wrestling
13. 4×400 m relay team
14. 4×400 m relay team
15. 4×400 m relay team
16. 4×400 m relay team
17. 4×400 m relay team
18. Cycling Road men
19. Men’s Road Cycling
20. Men’s Road Cycling
21. Cycling Road men
22. Cycling Road men
23. Cycling Route women
24. Mauricio Ortega – Discus throw
25. Kevin Quintero – Track cycling
26. Jefferson Ochoa – taekwondo
27. Andrea Ramírez – Taekwondo
28. Julian Horta – Struggle
29. Óscar Tigreros – Wrestling
30. Angie Orjuela – Marathon
31. Iván González – Marathon
32. Diego Pinzón – 50km walk
33. Jorge Ruíz – 50km walk
34. Éider Arevalo – 20km walk
35. Jorge Enriquez – Archery
36. Saskia Loretta Van Erven García – Fencing
37. Jeisson Suarez – Marathon
38. Sebastian Villa – Diving swimming
39. Ingrit Valencia – Boxing 51 kg
40. Jenny Arias – Boxing 57 kg
41. Yuberjen Martínez – Boxing 52 kg
42. Céiber Ávila – Boxing 57 kg
43. Jorge Luis Vivas – Boxing 81 kg
44. Cristian Salcedo – Boxing 91 kg

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