Ingles had to Google the statistic that leads in the NBA

“I honestly had to Google it once to find out what we were talking about and I still have no fucking idea even after reading it. I didn’t understand it when it was said to me and I don’t understand it after looking it up.” These are words from Joe Ingles to ESPN about a statistical data that dominates approaching perfection. In the NBA, advanced statistics are taking steps forward and in one of the elements that measures the shots to the basket, the Jazz is king, not only this season but throughout their career in the North American league, but it seems that it doesn’t go with him: “Fuck it. Let me pull and we’ll see if it goes inside.”

The list on which it is at the top is the one of players with the best real shot or true shot. In it, with a mathematical formula, the triples, the free ones and the shots of two are put together. One-point shots count less, 44% compared to 100% of shots in play. The shots are put in line with the points that the player generates based on them and there comes the result.

The forward has a 69.2% accuracy this season. Carry 12.3 points per game and his parsimonious but effective style helps him to be an ace for this classification. The Jazz They already have the leadership experience of Quin Snyder, their coach, and with Gobert, Mitchell and an already adapted Conley they are achieving one of their best campaigns if not the best of this century, Ingles, one of those responsible for keeping the pace in defense despite its appearance and an important weapon both for move the ball as for stabbing from outside the arc, it is not just a number or a data, it is a good example of the success that this Utah.

The Adelaide star is after the best season of an outside player if we look at this data. Those that stand out in this classification are interiors. Mitchell Robinson, of the Knicks, is the one with the best record: 72.6% in the previous one. Artis Gilmore or Tyson Chandler are also at the top. Kyle Korver, former Jazz, of 2014/15 has him with 69.9%, very close.

“I will do everything I can to get back to the top.”

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