Ingenious uses of these devices

According to Forbes, the smart camera market will exceed $ 9.7 billion in global revenue by 2023

This will consolidate them as the sub-segment of the most popular smart home in the world in the medium ptie

Likewise, between 2018 and 2023, the number of units in homes of these devices is expected to double from 58 to more than 120 millions

The topic of smart homes has slowly become popular and trending over the years. According to Statista data, in some countries such as the United States (USA), almost a fifth of the population already has a smart home device. Of course, there are still a few years to go before it really becomes a popular technology and is implemented in most homes. But there is a clear movement toward more widespread acceptance.

Within the universe of smart home, there are endless products that are available to consumers. But among the most popular are cameras. It makes sense, because they are the preferred computer among consumers for the security category. And it is precisely this sub-segment of the market that is growing the fastest worldwide. But there are more creative ways that people can use these gadgets, depending on their type.

Outdoor cameras: The most common equipment of a smart home

Within the preferred category of consumers, this device is the most purchased among consumers. It makes sense, as options like the one offered by Netzhome are ideal for security tasks. Thanks to its connection with the official app, you can not only record but monitor the video in real time. And thanks to motion sensors, night vision, and photo taking, it’s a perfect addition to a smart home to protect audiences.

But it can also be used for other tasks. While there are smart doorbells, a malicious agent could avoid detection by, for example, attempting to damage property or steal packages at the door. With the proper positioning of the camera, the smart home has a greater range of vision to detect where those responsible were. Or for people who have restless pets in the yard, observe exactly what damage they have done.

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Indoor Fixed Devices: Brilliant Opportunities at Home or Office

These smart home appliances, under the Netzhome seal, have abilities very similar to those made to be installed outdoors. They have the monitoring sensors of their counterpart, but they also have a speaker that allows you to record or broadcast audio. This can be used to, in large homes, detect accidents or easily communicate with other family members. It would even be used to interact with nervous pets at a distance.

Smart home technology can not only be applied in homes. There are some brilliant use opportunities for the office too. For example, this camera can be placed at strategic points on a floor or area. In this way, it can serve as an inter-comm and at the same time an additional security measure. And in the midst of the pandemic, it could even help staff who are not in offices to interact dynamically with others.

A mobile camera for your smart home: endless opportunities

With this device, very similar to its fixed indoor counterpart, you can have even more freedom in the smart home. The Netzhome model can adjust the view of the device from top to bottom or to the sides. This, along with the ability to place it in any room or location, can help monitor specific rooms. For example, to check if an object was forgotten in the bedroom or study, and thus remove the doubt if something is indeed missing or not.

It can also serve as an intercomm team for families, either within the same home or to interact with others outside the home. A mother could use the smart home app to remotely wake up her children to start the morning and check that they are indeed listening. Or, it could be used to have video-call meetings with other people, following confinement measures due to the international health crisis.