With the extension of the Shared Responsibility program, for this year Infonavit expects to convert the calculated balances into Times Minimum Wages (VSM) to pesos of about 140 thousand mortgage loans.
This was reported by Carlos Martínez Velázquez, general director of the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit). Read Infonavit: credits for self-construction for 528 thousand pesos

“This program was approved for a second stage 2020, we intend to make a permanent program during the Administration.

“We hope to benefit from this, from June, to another 140 thousand families, which are 140 thousand stories, workers who will finally be able to see how to pay their credit,” he said.

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It should be recalled that on April 30, within the framework of the 120th Ordinary General Assembly of the Institute, the director reported that with this program the balances were adjusted to pesos of 186,000 borrowers.

For this new stage of the program, Infonavit will make the conditions for requesting this benefit more flexible. For example, previously a credit of at least 15 years was required, but now you can request a readjustment at 13 years.

The previous balance had to be 1.5 times higher than the original credit, while now it was reduced to 1.3 times, and the age (it was for people over 40) and income restrictions were also removed (it applied only to income less than four wages) minima).

Workers who are in these characteristics can request the conversion to pesos with this very strong discount to their balance and especially the advantage of having fixed payments, the monthly payment will never go up, as it stays this year, it stays over the years that they have left to the contract, the years of the contract do not extend either “, detailed.

In 2019, Infonavit benefited workers under this scheme with 48 thousand 193 million pesos, with an average discount of 258 thousand pesos.