The abandoned houses that were acquired in the Infonavit auctions, generated a resale business that only benefited a group of third parties that sold the units more than double compared to what was paid. This was stated by Carlos Martínez, general director of Infonavit, who detailed that between 2015 and 2018, the mortgage agency sold for 123 thousand 656 pesos each unit recovered, while the buying groups sold them for 297 thousand 737 pesos, on average. Read It will adjust Infonavit 140 thousand credits: this can benefit you

In 2018 alone, Infonavit sold an average of 133 thousand pesos each unit, but they were resold for up to 328 thousand pesos. That year he placed 22,292 houses.

On December 19, 2018 I suspended the auctions, everyone was angry, because there were many intermediaries who lived on this and did business, “he said.

In the 3 years that the auctions operated, in total, Infonavit placed 67 thousand 433 homes abandoned by workers who had requested a loan from the Institute.

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The executive explained that the greater placement of home loans, in the first decade of 2000, coincided with the increase in massive abandonment of houses.

“It was a model that did not take into account urban development, which put the houses far away, without services, there were companies that are in trouble today, Geo, Homex, Urbi, which completely failed the Mexicans, who suffered a loss to the workers savings, but also in the fiscal part, because these houses were sold with a fiscal subsidy, “he said.