As the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) had advanced, the Mejoravit credit It will allow them to apply for a home improvement credit with a maximum amount of 125 thousand pesos, higher than the 60 thousand pesos previously granted. Read Infonavit supports 60 thousand in mortgage payment

At the morning conference this Friday, the head of Infonavit, Carlos Martínez Velázquez, indicated that the Mejoravit loan will be reactivated from May 28 with a maximum amount of 125 thousand pesos.

The main requirement for a worker to request this resource is that they have four months of employment. It is a fixed payment credit, and does not require a mortgage guarantee.

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According to the Federal Government, the objective of this loan is to deliver the resource directly to the workers, so that they are in charge of hiring those who will carry out the works in their homes, so that the economic activities that depend on the construction continue to generate jobs and income in the communities.

To achieve this, the credit money will be deposited directly to the worker and he will be able to hire labor, buy materials in different stores. Thus, essential activities will continue to receive resources and generate income: from the purchase of cement, rebar, built-in furniture such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc. In addition, it is expected to reduce the waiting time, and the catalog of products that can be paid is expanded.

Infonavit expects to deliver a total of 500,000 credits in the year. In the months of April and March, 45 thousand credits have been granted and a dispersion of 23 billion pesos has been made.