A month has passed since the Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers (Infonavit) began to receive applications for the application of unemployment insurance, which covers up to 3 monthly payments of the credit, without the need for a copayment, extensions with freezing of balance and without interest generation, or the combination of both measures. Read IMSS: 3 axes of the Economic Reactivation Plan after COVID-19

To date, 123,074 workers have received this support. On the other hand, Infonavit indicated that with the deferral of the payment of employer fees of 18,281 companies throughout the country, of which 94.6% are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), 1 million 427 thousand 923 workers have benefited. indirectly.

Among the entities that have registered to apply for Unemployment Insurance, the main three are: State of Mexico with 6,192 records; Later, Nuevo León followed with 4,175 records, and Jalisco, with 3,196. Regarding the numbers of Accredited with No Interest Extension, these are the three states with the most approved applications: Quintana Roo with 3,350 records; State of Mexico with 2,412; and Nuevo León with 1,707 records.

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Figures by type of support

In a disaggregated way, these are the data from Infonavit in terms of supports that have been provided:

49 thousand 477 workers obtained unemployment insurance, with which Infonavit covers the mortgage payment for three months,
 23 thousand 005 workers who suffered a reduction in their wages received an extension for three months and
 50 thousand 592 accredited were benefited with the combination of both supports.

You can still register to apply for unemployment support from Infonavit

Infonavit indicated that workers who lost their jobs or suffered a reduction in their wages have until June 30 to request the Institute’s support measures.

If this is your situation, enter the website https://micuenta.infonavit.org.mx, register and fill out a questionnaire to determine the applicable benefit.