Mexico City (Nallely Hernández) – Until now, the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit) has supported 60 thousand 95 workers, whose companies cut their wages by being technically unemployed, with a temporary reduction in the amount they pay on their mortgage.

In conference, Carlos Martínez, general director of the InfonavitHe explained that companies cannot reduce the base salary to an amount less than the minimum wage, but with an agreed temporary reduction they can ask Infonavit to reduce their mortgage payment to the same extent.

“All workers in this situation can apply together with their company for support so that the Infonavit credit is not fully discounted.

Infonavit supports 60 thousand in mortgage payment. | Photo: Reforma

“When these cases happen, that their wages are reduced, taking away the full amortization would imply that many workers would be left with a very small salary for liquidity and consumption,” he said.

He explained that 71.46 percent of the orders are concentrated in five entities, of which 18,493 requests have been made in Coahuila; followed by Sonora, with 8,263 cases, and Tamaulipas, with 5,803 orders.

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Regarding the request for protection of employment sources, to date, 24 thousand 914 companies, 95 percent SMEs, have requested the postponement of employer quotas in the amount of one thousand 404 million pesos.

“SMEs, with up to 250 workers, are being allowed to defer payment of their employer savings contributions at Infonavit for up to four months without any interest, and companies with more than 250 workers are allowed to defer two months .

“It is not a cancellation, because it is money from Infonavit that is savings of the workers, therefore the employers will have to replace it,” recalled the manager.

On the other hand, as of May 20, 131,242 borrowers have applied for unemployment support or extension of interest, of them, 40.88 percent have requested a combination of both benefits.

Martínez Velázquez detailed that until April a total of 125 thousand 101 credits had been granted, with a spill of 56 thousand 233 million pesos.

But in the first 20 days of May, 10,652 mortgage loans and 2,781 were placed for improvement, with a total of 8,252 million pesos assigned.