CARACAS, Apr 6 (.) – Venezuela’s inflation in March continued its slowdown and closed at 21.2%, the opposition National Assembly reported on Monday, which calculates the behavior of prices in the face of delays in official figures. .

Since the last months of 2019, prices have registered less variation due to the relaxation of the economic regulations of the Nicolás Maduro government.

But opposition deputies point out that hyperinflation persists, at a time when the country is under quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In Venezuela, seven people have died from the disease and there are 159 cases of contagion, according to the latest data reported by authorities on Sunday.

Accumulated inflation in three months was 145.37% and the interannual rate stood at 3,365%, according to the legislative calculations.

The OPEC nation has already been in recession for six years and with severe failures in public services.

Despite the general behavior of the index, services had a variation of 101.1%, said the National Assembly. In Venezuela, service rates increased in March amid the economic crisis and the impact of coronavirus.

After months of delay in providing data on the economy, the latest price information from the Central Bank was in February, when it said that 2019 inflation was 9,585.5%.

(Report by Mayela Armas. Vivian Sequera / Gabriela Donoso Edition)