“Infinity Train” Confirms Release of Season 4

There is no estimated date for the launch of this season yet. Photo: HBO Max | HBO Max

HBO Max is already preparing the way for book 4 of « Infinity Train”, Featuring one of the strangest trailers the series has featured thus far. For eight times in a row, the banner of the series is presented in anticipation of its fourth season, while the confused voice of the one who seems to be the protagonist of this new installment is repeated.

This has led many of his followers to point out in the comments of the publication on YouTube that each of the repetitions represents one of the eight seasons that Owen dennis, its creator, currently has contemplated for the series.

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During the past year there was great uncertainty about the future of the series after WarnerMedia will not be making confirmations on its renewal, so the release of this new teaser, strange as it may be, means excellent news for the strong fan base that this animation possesses.

Dennis He explained through his Twitter account that he was not allowed to reveal the renewal of the series on his social networks due to orders received by cartoon Network and the streaming service. « I’ve seen confusion in this, the reason I never say if Infinity Train will be renewed or not is because I’m not allowed to, » he says.

The people who pay me to do the show want me to make the ad with as much splatter as possible, not in a random response to a Twitter question.

Although originally the story of Tulip Olsen In the first season it was devised as a limited series, the concept received increasing interest in the minds of Dennis, So it was proposed to expand it as an anthology series in which each season has different stories that take place on the strange train that functions as the main setting.

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The third season featured Grace and Simon, leaders of a group of anarchist children known as « Apex« , Which live inside the train. Both would separate from the rest of the group during one of their attacks, so now they are looking for a way to find their way back.

Both would cross the strange worlds in each carriage, meeting on the way to Hazel, a young girl with an optimistic attitude already Tuba, her gentle gorilla companion. These new friends will make them question their old lifestyle.