Infinity in a reed, at the Mining Fair


Mexico City / 02.19.2021 06:44:23

Born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1979, a philologist by training and author of works such as the novels La luz sepultada (2011) and El whistle del arquero (2015), the writer Irene Vallejo presents this Saturday, at two in the afternoon at the virtual edition of the Palacio de Minería International Book Fair, his essay Infinity in a junk, an exciting journey through the history of books.

In an extensive interview with the Mexican writer Carlos Rubio Rosell, which will be published tomorrow in the cultural supplement Laberinto, Vallejo exposes some of the keys to his work, which has now reached 26 editions, among others the desire to pay homage to a tradition that con it is often overlooked for the sake of presumed originality.

In her essay she recognizes what this tradition has meant for her, for her training. « I am aware – he says – that I am a link in that chain of enthusiastic readers who are in love with books. » That is why he wanted to express his emotions in El infito en un junco, using « innovative structures within the genre of the essay », trying « to make it very narrative, with a very peculiar voice that tries to be close and warm, with a constant structure of travels in the past and present ”.

His way of telling the story of the book, “like a succession of small stories and adventures, has a lot to do with Herodotus and the ancient world, where they considered that history was a literary genre and it was elaborated with the criteria of creation and welcomed stories that were fanciful or romantic ”, has led her to international recognition, for her erudition, but also, and above all, for the simplicity with which she carries out her work.