Do you know the benefits that walnuts provide to your brain? If not, do not worry because today you will meet him, and surely you will be surprised by these magnificent curious facts. Let’s start!


Believe it or not, walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which are essential for the neuronal function and the central nervous system of each person. Amazing!

In addition to the above, this incredible dried fruit helps us to develop memory and as if that were not enough it favors the learning process one of the smallest in the house. Did you know?


How to consume walnuts to enjoy their benefits? There is no specific way to consume the nuts Well, you can do it however you want, either in salads or yogurts.

For the aforementioned, we recommend consuming walnuts 3 times per week so that you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, especially children and the elderly.Don’t forget it!