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Last December Ineos Automotive bought the facilities of what was the Smart plant in France to start production of its Grenadier all-terrain vehicle in the middle of this year according to its initial plans, but due to “unavoidable delays throughout 2020” they have been forced to postpone until July 2022.

It might seem like a long time but as Dirk Heilmann, CEO of Ineos Automotive, says, “We only get one chance to get this right and our quality and performance goals for the Grenadier they remain paramount ”. Proof of this is that the tests of this vehicle are still standing.

Ineos Grenadier

At the beginning of the year the engineers completed the calibration of the engine in cold weather conditions with some units in Sweden and now They are preparing to do them in hot climates in Death Valley, in the United States, and in the Middle East. The goal is to complete 1.8 million kilometers traveled in tests using 130 prototypes.

Recall that the Ineos Grenadier will be an all-terrain vehicle with a design “inspired” (strongly) by the Land Rover Defender and that it will be mounted on a traditional ladder chassis designed in conjunction with Magna Steyr. Propulsion, meanwhile, will be courtesy of BMW’s six-cylinder engines.both gasoline and diesel with the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. Traction will be assisted four wheels.

Ineos Grenadier 07

Ineos Grenadier

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