INE will count 9 electoral districts … 59.54% of polls

The district counts in the INE, contemplate a rInitial partial count of 59.54% of cellsThis means 97 thousand 126 packages, in view of the various causes provided by law, to reopen packages and recount the votes, in order to be certain of the results.

In addition, at least 9 total counts are calculated in various districts, for closed elections between the first and second place results.

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It is about district 1 in La Paz, Baja California; 03 in Azcapotzalco; 10 from Uriangato, Guanajuato: 01 in Huejutla, Hidalgo; 24 in Naucalpan, Mexico state; 03 and 07 in García, Nuevo León; 02 and 15 in Tantoyuca and Orizaba, Veracruz and additionally there is the pending case of the 23rd district in Lerma, State of Mexico, where the threshold is less than 1% but the second place request is missing to carry out the total count.

This was reported to the General Council by Edmundo Jacobo, Executive Secretary, who explained that as of 8:30 am, 264 district councils and 26 local councils with central hours were already installed, missing the entities with Pacific hours.


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