The position of the counselor came after President López Obrador indicated that he would monitor compliance with the citizens’ decision in the 2021 elections (Photo: Twitter @ LupitaJuarezH)

The National Electoral Institute (INE) recalled that according to the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, said institution It is the only one that is responsible for making the electionsalso noted that the rulers must refrain from influencing the elections.

This, after the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will ensure that, without getting involved in the electoral process of 2021, will become a « guardian » so that the freedom of citizens to choose their authorities is respected.

« It is important to make it clear that we will be pending so that there is no electoral fraud, I am going to become a guardian so that the freedom of citizens to freely choose their authorities is respected. I already know that the INE exists, I am not going to get involved in that, nothing more than I am obliged to denounce if there are fraud attempts, like any citizen. ”Said the president during the morning press conference on Monday.

López Obrador said he would become a « guardian » so that the freedom of citizens to choose their authorities is respected (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

About this, Ciro Murayama, INE advisor, clarified that the institution in charge of organizing and regulating the electoral processes in the country is independent and autonomous of governments and will remain so in the face of the 2021 elections.

Through his Twitter account, Murayama said: « The Constitution states: That elections are made by @INEMexico autonomous (art. 41). That the rulers must refrain from influencing the elections (art. 134). The INE is neither part of the opposition nor aligned with the government: it is independent and autonomous. So it will be in 2021. ”

Ciro Murayama recalled that the only person in charge of carrying out the elections is the INE (Photo: Twitter)

López Obrador also pointed out that one of the reforms to the Constitution that were carried out at the beginning of his term was that of turning electoral fraud into a serious crime. He also stressed that these practices will end and that this is not the interference of the INE or the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF).

« That is to say, the one accused of electoral fraud for buying votes, for conditioning voting, for using budget money to favor parties and candidates. He who falsifies acts, he who impregnates ballot boxes, he who commits fraud is not entitled to bail, he’s going to jail, and he’s serious« Said the Mexican president.

For his part, Lorenzo Cordoba Vianello, INE’s president counselor, affirmed that the agency has always practiced transparency and accountability by conviction, in addition, he said that the coronavirus health contingency should not be a pretext that violates democracy, diminish the division of powers or weaken the autonomous constitutional bodies.

Lorenzo Córdoba, president counselor of the INE, said that the pandemic should not be used to weaken the autonomous constitutional bodies (Photo: File)

« The pandemic generated by COVID-19 is a emergency situation that should not be a pretext to violate our democracy or to diminish the division of powers or weaken autonomous constitutional bodies. Still less to confuse the electoral authorities with actors or political positions as it is irresponsibly trying to do itself. « 

He stressed that the INE is governed with adherence to the principles of legality, certainty, impartiality, among others, which will be insured for the 2021 electoral elections.

« INE is not afraid of accountabilityOn the contrary, we are an institution that acts and will continue to act with adherence to the principles of the electoral function, legality, certainty, impartiality, objectivity, independence and maximum security. With that conviction in 2021 we will once again guarantee elections in which the free and secret vote of citizens is respected.

Emergencies in institutional democracies must be confronted with the tools, counterweights, and values ​​of democracy itself. One of these values ​​is that of transparency that we exercise at the INE by legal obligation but also by democratic conviction.« Córdoba Vianello pointed out.


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