The category has already warned teams that there may be changes

A total of 14 races are expected to complete the season.

The IndyCar has warned its teams that the planned schedule may undergo more changes in the face of the outbreak of the pandemic in some states, but that it is expected to be able to comply with a definitive schedule of 14 races.

A few days ago, the possibility of the Indianapolis 500 Miles being held on the scheduled date, August 23, was questioned, but the championship promoters and those responsible for the circuit have confirmed its celebration, further reducing the capacity and imposing drastic measures. . But neither teams nor promoters want to lose the star race, which for now gives meaning to the championship.

To date, six races have been held, with eight more to be held. At the moment it seems that the visits to Portland (September 13) and the double race of Laguna Seca —19-20 September— are jeopardized given the situations in Oregon —prohibited from meetings of more than 250 people and the IndyCar needs about 600— and California .

In addition, these are the two longest journeys to be made – some of the staff should do it by plane – so the teams would not much mind making changes.

One of the solutions being targeted is to double the Mid Ohio and Gateway races, including the Indy GP on October 3. This would save time and money, and avoid the need to plan new trips. In the same way, the three possible losses in the calendar would be covered.

Those responsible for the series, according to the teams, are showing great flexibility when looking for solutions so that the season can be celebrated with the maximum “new normal” that these times demand. One of the reasons could be that in the United States they are much more used to splicing events.

But also, aware that competition is spectacle, things are considered from a different point of view. For example, they are already wondering what measures will have to be taken in 2021 if the situation does not improve substantially.

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