Indycar | 500 miles from Indianapolis: Palou: “If I win races, I don’t need calculators”

Updated 07/20/2021 – 17:59

Lex Palou walks with 39 points ahead in the championship with six races remaining to finish a championship that dominates with solvency after two victories. “You can always allow yourself mistakes, but I don’t want to, I shouldn’t, we’ve already made some and I don’t want another”, The Catalan confesses during a telematic talk in the middle of the Indycar 2021 break in which he is surprising locals and strangers.

“You have to take each weekend as if it were the last and get one hundred percent because this in the end is decided by two points here or two points there, we have to maximize the results each race because you do not know what will happen the next, so we are going to try to go all out. The calculator is fine, but if we win it is not necessary “, affirms the brand new leader of the championship.” If you win, don’t worry, everything is in position, You can’t win six in a row, nobody has done it, but you have to win some and make podiums, be up there. “

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For Fernando Alonso, there is no doubt that he is the favorite. “We are going to go for it, as Alonso says, We have been the most regular and some thought it was just a race the first one I won but now time has shown that. I love that Fernando confides and that he follows the championship. It will not be easy, but we will try “says Lex, who is on active vacations, that is, without races, but with frequent visits to the team’s factory to” analyze other races and things that have happened, where we can improve, etc “.

The next stop on August 8th is Nashville, new to everyone, which evens out. “If you compete in an oval or urban circuit, which has already raced there 10 times, it is not the same as if we all have one or none. We are doing well., we all start from scratch, we still arrive and dominate or suffer, we are all without knowing if the ‘set up’ has to be aggressive, or more for slow curves, nobody knowsWe only know what the circuit is like but nothing total until we put the car on the track. “

Palou is used to touching each other in the races, “in each, each race, several times and in this championship finale s what is coming” And he is not scared by what he has seen in F1 between Verstappen and Hamilton, a plumber of which he has a clear opinion: “As a driver that I am, Hamilton had to go fight that race with Max, try to get there, it was very risky, he It happened, but I had to try. At no time did he want to kick Verstappen out and Max didn’t have to let him pass either. Nobody did a crazy thing, so when it happens that is a race incident. There have to be fights, maybe touches, if not, we will not talk about the races today. “

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