Industries’ dream died five minutes from the end

05/15/2021 at 11:57 PM CEST

Movistar Inter defeated the host Industrias Santa Coloma (2-1) and to the intense public of the Pavelló Nou to certify their presence in the final of the Copa del Rey futsal after a close match. The stands enveloped their players from before the opening whistle, but Inter came out with courage to try to neutralize the force of Santa Coloma and its flag.




(1 + 1): Jesús Herrero (p.), Raya, Borja, Fer Drasler, Pito -starting five-, Dani Saldise, Èric Martel (1), Boyis, Cecilio, Pola and Tripodi (1).


(1 + 0): Borja Puerta (p.), Sepe, Corso, Drahovski, Bermusell -five starting-, Uri Santos, Álex Verdejo, David Álvarez, Khalid, Albert Cardona (1) and Bruno Petry.


Antonio Pablo Navarro (Castilla y León) and Alberto Sarabia (La Rioja). They showed a yellow card to Fer Drasler (12 ‘) and Pito (30’), from Movistar Inter; and to Bruno Petry (13 ‘), Drahovsky (16’) and Albert Cardona (23 ‘), from Industrias Santa Coloma.


0-1, Albert Cardona (6 ‘); 1-1, Èric Martel (19 ‘); 2-1, Tripodi (35 ‘).


Second semifinal of the men’s futsal Copa del Rey played in front of 200 spectators at Pavelló Nou (Santa Coloma de Gramenet).

The Madrilenians, without doing great things, found an occasion that forced Borja to show off, but the Catalan team struck first thanks to a goal from Cardona in minute 6. The intense wing of Santa Coloma opened the scoring after accompanying a direct kick from the goalkeeper to David Álvarez and catching the rebound in a maneuver of cunning and tenacity that won the goal prize.

The target gave wings to the host of this final phase of the Copa del Rey, encouraged by the scoreboard and by the spirits of his people, while Inter, current champion of the League, Spanish Cup and Super Cup, tried not to break down or lose any ball that would mean another goal against him. Three minutes after the opening goal, In the 9th minute, Cardona was about to sign his double, but Raya took out under sticks with the head what would have been the 0-2.

The halfway point of the first half came with several occasions from the Madrid cast, who knew how to appease the impetus of Santa Coloma but without dominating the match with their game. A time-out in the 15th minute served Inter to dispel some doubts, which the Catalans coach, Javi rodriguez, he wanted to counter with another one-minute stop almost followed.

Rodríguez’s plan did not work and, after some plays knocking on the door, the telephone set equalized the score one minute into halftime thanks to the fact that Èric Martel knew how to culminate a counter commanded by Saldise. The ex of Xota understand each other wonderfully.

Inter started the second half much more solid on the floor than his rival, forcing Borja to shine twice in a row with shots from Pito, first in a heads-up and then taking a distant shot down from the squad.

Èric Martel … unforgivable that he does not play for Barça


The intensity returned Industrias Santa Coloma to the game and Drahovsky was about to, ‘Pichichi de la Liga, to put his own in advantage in the 25th. Herrero avoided it by reducing the space. The meeting continued through the channels of continuous melee, with a ticket to the final in each duel, a field in which the Catalan team knew how to develop better.

However, Inter returned to the handle of the match in the final stretch and materialized their dominance in the 35th minute, when Argentine Tripodi sent the ball into the volley net at the exit of a corner to make it 2-1. Despite the attack with a goalkeeper, a Santa Coloma player, who won good chances for the hosts, the scoreboard no longer moved and Movistar Inter sealed its ticket for Sunday’s final against ElPozo Murcia.

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