Industrias re-launches its flag with another victory against Barça

04/04/2021 at 2:23 PM CEST

For the third time this season, FC Barcelona has lost this Sunday to Industrias Santa Coloma 3-2 in the return more than two years later to a Pavelló Nou that experienced a spectacular atmosphere.




(1 + 2): Mario Almagro (p., 1′-19 ‘), Sepe, Sebas Corso, Bermusell, Drahovsky – starting five -, Borja Puerta (ps, 20′-40’), Cardona, Bruno Petry, Uri Santos, David Álvarez and Khalid.


(2 + 0): Miquel Feixas (p.), Aicardo, Dyego, Adolfo, Ferrao (1) –starting five–, Daniel, Matheus, Ximbinha, Esquerdinha and André Coelho (1).


Alberto Centeno and Jordi Centeno (Catalans). They showed a yellow card to David Álvarez (23 ‘), Sebas Corso (25’), Sepe (27 ‘) and local coach Javi Rodríguez (20’), from Industrias Santa Coloma; and to Ferrao (4 ‘), Adolfo (19’), André Coelho (27 ‘), Aicardo (31’) and Ximbinha (40 ‘), from FC Barcelona.


0-1, Ferrao (1:31); 1-1, Drahovsky (9:02); 1-2, André Coelho (19:15), 2-2, David Álvarez (28:41); 3-2, Albert Cardona (38:19).


Match corresponding to the 26th day of the men’s futsal First Division league, played before some 250 spectators at the reopening of Pavelló Nou (Santa Coloma).

And it is that the reopening of the Colosseum was joined with the return of the public to the fields, so the local party was complete. By cons, the blaugrana see their streak of 17 games stopped without losing.

Send the Barça

The Barça staging was excellent, with a clear lack of Tomas Drahovsky on Aicardo who was spared the yellow and with the 0-1 in a spectacular volley from Ferrao to Dyego’s pass when only 91 seconds of play had been completed.

Dyego also had a good chance and ‘Draho’ replied before the locals started an upline which led them to commit four fouls in seven minutes and stand with five at 8:26 before half-time.

Mario Almagro made two good interventions for a Colombian painting that got the 1-1 in the 9 ‘after a clearance by Miquel Feixas to a shot by Drahovsky that the Slovakian took advantage of to score his 18th league goal.

David Álvarez and Daniel could not with the rival goalkeepers, Barça also committed the fifth foul at 8:26 of the intermission and Adolfo could be targeted for the sixth on 19 ‘in a Drahovsky charge when he faced an Almagro who made a sensational stretch. So much so that he was injured and had to leave his post to Borja Puerta.

Ferrao opened the scoring in Santa Coloma


And 45 seconds before the break, the Portuguese André Coelho pulled one of his missiles out of his sleeve to sign the 1-2 after the ball hit the crossbar and bounced in clearly.

Colomense comeback

In the resumption and after separate occasions of Drahovsky and Aicardo, the referees spun very fine on 24 ‘in a jump by Bruno Petry with Miquel Feixas signaling a foul to the local when he had kept the ball and was about to score.

Borja Puerta responded well to Matheus’ shot in the prelude to 2-2, which came on 29 ‘in a strategy play in which Uri Santos perfectly found the captain David Álvarez at the far post, who did not miss.

In another controversial decision, the referee team took out of the area a foul by Aicardo on the line at the halfway point of the second act and Borja Puerta was once again on display with shots from Dyego in the 33rd minute and from Coelho in the 36th minute.

Miquel Feixas made interventions of merit


The end was spectacular, with both teams attacking with five (Daniel on the visitor side and Corso on the locals, who immediately scored 3-2 in a great goal from the ‘pirate’ Albert Cardona also passed by Uri Santos.

Barça looked for a tie with the goalkeeper-player and was able to find him three seconds from the end in a shot from Matheus that went to the hand inside the area, but the referees completed their bad performance by not signaling it. At least they made mistakes for both teams. In the end, 3-3-2 and third Colombian victory of the season before the azulgrana box. To make him look at it.