BERLIN, Apr 6 (.) – Orders for German-made products fell 1.4% in February after a 4.8% increase from the revised figure the previous month, as a sharp drop in overseas orders anticipated the probable impact of the coronavirus on the economic prospects of the European exporting power.

The latest data reflects the period before containment measures began to seriously affect the German economy: domestic orders continued to increase, increasing by 1.7%, while orders from abroad fell by 3.6 %. Countries like China and Italy were already suffering the harsh consequences of the health crisis at the time.

Orders in the euro zone fell by 5%, while those in the rest of the world fell by 2.7%. The overall decline was less than the 2.4% expected by analysts polled by ..

China is Germany’s largest trading partner. Manufacturers depend on both demand and supply chains in China.

(Information from Thomas Escritt; edited by Michelle Martin; translated by Darío Fernández in the Gdansk newsroom)