Indignation with ‘Zapeando’ for these phrases about fat people: “I would be ashamed”

The collaborators of ‘Zapeando’ this Wednesday on the set. (Photo: ZAPEANDO)

Content creator Mara Jiménez, known on Instagram as Croque fully_, has shared a video in which she has shown her outrage against Zapeando for his “gordofobia”.

Jiménez has commented in a publication on Instagram, where he has more than 142,000 followers, several phrases that Dani Mateo, Iñaki Urrutia and Cristina Pedroche made when talking about a news item in which it was reported that in Japan it had become fashionable to “rent people fat ”.

Croquetamente_ has started his presentation by charging against the chain for talking a few weeks ago about an episode of gordofobia in Fitur and contacting her to talk about it and now make “comments of this level”.

In the video that he has shared, you can see the two collaborators and the presenter of Zapeando making offensive comments.

“Now you can rent fat for 15 euros an hour. They are sweeping because in Japan it is rare to see obese people and why would someone hire an overweight person? The company also gives you the ideas. Among others is, be careful with this, to get by his side and feel better about yourself. You look better, ”said Cristina Pedroche.

Urrutia has added that he has made calculations and that a person who accepts the job would charge 2,600 euros: “So if you are less trophies, go to Patry Jordan and more go to Japan. Of course, do not go all at the same time that the plane does not take off ”.

″ 2600 euros? After making the purchase, this man will have 300 left to spend the month ”, finished Dani Mateo.

Some comments that have outraged Jiménez, who has asked Cristina Pedroche a question: “Isn’t it true that on New Year’s Eve it bothers you enough that he got …

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