Indie study denounces that Twitter closed the account without reason

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Social networks are a very important communication tool, both for companies and individuals. For this reason you can imagine the hard blow it represented for an indie studio and distributor to lose their Twitter account for what they denounce as a mistake.

Through a statement, Abylight Studio, a development studio based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, reported that his Twitter account was suspended without reason, notice or explanation. With this they lost the possibility of connecting with their community of more than 7,400 people.

Given this, members of the study contacted people on Twitter. However, so far they have not received any response despite trying to get support daily.

“This is no small matter. Losing the account affects the work of many people, jobs depend on this working ”, mentioned Eva Gaspar, general director of Abylight Studios. “The attitude is incredibly dangerous and careless on the part of such a large company, especially given the current state of the world.”

No Twitter rule was violated

One point that must be made clear is that Abylight claims that it did not break any Twitter rule.

The study reviewed the content he had posted on the social network and found that none of his posts or the content in them went against Twitter guidelines. In addition, they reiterated that they were not notified on the matter.

We will stay tuned and inform you when we learn more about this situation.

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