Indiana Jones 5 could have a very shocking title

The title of Indiana Jones 5 is important because it usually gives a clue of what the movie will be about and the one that has been leaked is impressive.

Raiders of the lost ark (Raiders of the Lost Ark – 1981), The temple of doom (The Temple of Doom – 1984), The last crusade (The Last Crusade – 1989) and The kingdom of the crystal skull (The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 2008). These are the titles of the first four installments and now they have leaked the title of Indiana Jones 5.

So the fifth installment of the adventures of Harrison ford as the most intrepid archaeologist in cinema, he will be titled Indiana Jones and the Order of Elysium (and the Order of Elysium). The meaning of this title has not been revealed, but it does give some pretty interesting clues.

Since for now we know that Indiana Jones 5 It is set in the 60s and it will be about the space race. In addition, the villains are Nazis who are infiltrated in NASA. Hence, this group could call themselves the Order of Elysium. As there will be scenes from the past, Indiana Jones may recognize them when he faced them in the 1940s and now in the 1960s he wants to unmask them so that they do not betray the United States.

The title leak also comes with an important part of the plot.

The main villain of Indiana Jones 5 will be played by the actor Mads mikkelsen. His character is a Nazi scientist forced to work for NASA, whose name is Schroder. He will be part of this Order of Elysium that devises a secret plan to turn back time and for Germany to win World War II. This would be accomplished by a macguffin called Die Glocke, which works with a power source known as Chronos Stone.

In addition, the character of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is a British journalist named clear who is investigating the activities of Schroder. Supposedly, Indiana Jones would be working against the United States Government on this occasion, since they are the ones who have hired Schroder and they finance all the experiments. It is also speculated that John Rhys-Davies come back like Sallah.

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