The Government of India has blocked 59 applications from China. In the list there such prominent names as TikTok, which is already one of the largest social networks worldwide, or Weibo and WeChat, two other of the most used social networks / messaging platforms in the Chinese country. Browsers such as UC Browser, Xiaomi applications such as Mi Community or Mi Video Call or popular maintenance applications such as Clean Master are also not saved.

The official reason behind the blocking of these applications, which the Government has included in a list present in a statement from the Ministry of Information Technology, is that these 59 applications have been used to collect data from users in India, and then send it to servers in China. There, they would be extracted to elaborate profiles by “hostile elements”, which according to the text “is a matter of deep and immediate concern that requires emergency measures

The Executive accuses these applications of “be involved in activities detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defense, state security and public order “.

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According to the Government, the use of the applications that we see in the list It will not be allowed, neither on mobile devices nor on other devices connected to the Internet, given the fact of having received recent and “credible” information about the evil that these services represent for the country.

They also claim that both the Indian Telematics Crime Coordination Center and the Home Office have been sending a comprehensive recommendation to block these applications. And it does not stop there, as the Computer Emergency Response Team is also involved, which has received statements from citizens on security and privacy breaches in relation to matters of public order.

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At the public level, they mention that there has been a lot of agreement that strict measures had to be taken against these applications. They do not mention it in the statement, but everything seems to be related to a military conflict between China and India, which originated on June 15 and that left 20 deaths and 75 wounded by the Indian side. Still, on April 3, 2019, one of India’s high courts already called on the government to ban the app for displaying “inappropriate content” and “encouraging prostitution.”

The application became deleted from the Play Store and the App Store, but shortly thereafter the decision was reversed by another tirbunal to which Bytedance, Tiktok’s parent company, had appealed. This new decision will be a new setback for Tiktok and the rest, as India is the second largest mobile market in the world after China, and this year the social network will grow there by 50%.

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