There is anger in Independiente. Fernando Gaibor He is one of the players who has to return to the Avellaneda club, but the Ecuadorian was considered a free player due to ‘lack of payment’ and has not yet returned to Argentina.

Without going any further, this Saturday a photo appeared where he can be trained with the clothing of Guayaquil City, a club that opened the doors for him to train and maintain physical shape until he solves his situation.

« Fernando Gaibor considers himself a free player due to non-payment. He ended his relationship with Independiente due to late payments. One claims non-payment and the answer is: ‘I don’t owe you’. There, things get complicated, » he had said up to a few days Daniel Crespo, a down payment lawyer, who claims a sum close to 500 thousand dollars from Independiente.

The truth is that Gaibor’s situation did not go down well in Independiente and everything seems to indicate that the Ecuadorian will leave the club like Gastón Silva, who experienced a similar situation and went through the courts.

On the other hand, the leadership of Rojo is close to buckling the arrival of Rafael Delgado, current side of Colón de Santa Fe: « There was a consultation from Independiente, but it was very little to move forward, » said the president of Sabalero, José Vignatti, in dialogue with Radio Sol 95.1.

It was said that Juan Sánchez Miño could pass Colón in a barter for Delgado, but for now there is nothing officially. Finally, Alexander Domínguez, Vélez goalkeeper, appeared as a candidate to replace Martín Campaña, as did Agustín Rossi of Boca. What will happen?