The car was built in Russia and is able to move forward and back a few meters thanks to an iron structure built into it.

The world of cars It never ceases to amaze, we have seen vehicles of all kinds, sports, classic, prototypes of flying cars, electric cars, giant cars, miniature cars, but something we have never seen is a car with legs.

As you read it, a car with legs capable of walking on its own. According to the Digital Trends portal, a group of russian engineers He has been in charge of developing car legs capable of lifting and making the vehicle walk without problems.

Through a video published on the YouTube channel of Garage 54Â already Workroom Siberia, it is possible to observe the iron structure incorporated into the body of the vehicle and which is operated thanks to a hydraulic system.

The structure is connected to a gimbal, which operates the rear axle and causes movement of the legs, and according to its creators, the system seeks to imitate the earth movement of an insect. The vehicle used for said project is an old one VAZ-2101, a compact sedan inspired by the Fiat 124 that the brand Lada It marketed in Latin America in the 1980s and 1990s.

This is only the first stage of the development of this project, and in it, its promoters have focused on making the legs work correctly, both forward and backward. Although the car manages to travel a few meters, the team in charge has emphasized that the mechanism is still in the testing process and will continue working to ensure that the hybrid works properly.


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