The date coincided with O.J. Simpsons

After a long wait, Ford had already given the exact date for the Ford Bronco debut, but they changed the date again.

The Ford Bronco 2021 It would make its world debut on July 9, 2020, which has now been changed to July 13, 2020. Ford has had a difficult time unveiling this SUV and the July 9 date was no exception.

After setting the date and starting preparations, the automaker realized after the date was also O.J. Simpsons birthday. Which clearly made Ford uncomfortable and he decided to change the debut date.

The task of re-designing a classic should not be easy, market expectations are high and there will surely be many good and bad reviews. Ever since Ford announced that the Ford Bronco would return in 2020, lovers of this SUV have been desperate to know more details about it.

Ford has had revelations about the Bronco, many details about the expected SUV, but still need to fully understand the design of the SUV, its engine and its price, among other things.


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