Incredible illustration of Dragon Ball shows us a fusion between Gohan and Goten

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/21/2020 12:00 pm

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The fusion technique is one of the most beloved skills of Dragon ball. However, the official canon has been limited to using this power. Fortunately, fans do not have this restriction. Now, a talented admirer of Akira Toriyama’s work has been given the task of creating a character, which is the result of a merger between Gohan and Goten.

Not long ago, the artist known as ErrenVanDuine, gave us an illustration of Hanten, as he called the merger between the two sons of Goku. Here we can see him in an orange outfit, something that the entire Kakaroto family has worn at some time in their life.


A detail in this illustration reveals that the function was given thanks to the Potara earrings. Without a doubt, this is a great work that any Dragon Ball fan will be able to admire. In related matters, this is what Majin Buu would look like when absorbing Master Roshi. Similarly, the Dragon Ball Super manga will begin a new story in 2021.


Via: ErrenVanDuine

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