Increase in cases and hospitalizations in the US fears a second wave of coronavirus. Nearly half a dozen states, including Texas and Arizona, are grappling with an increase in the number of coronavirus patients filling hospital beds, fueling fears that the reopening of the U.S. economy may trigger a second wave of infections.

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The rebound in global stocks was reversed on Thursday for fear of a resurgence of the pandemic. The last time the S&P 500 and Dow fell so much in one day was in March, when coronavirus cases in the United States began to rise.

The recent increase in cases in a dozen states partially reflects a rise in the evidence. But many of those states are also seeing an increase in hospitalizations and some are starting to run out of beds in intensive care units (ICUs).

Texas has seen a record of hospitalizations for three days in a row, and in North Carolina only 13% of the state’s ICU beds are available due to severe cases of COVID-19. The Houston mayor said the city was ready to turn its football stadium into a hospital if necessary.

Arizona has seen a record number of hospitalizations. The state’s director of health told hospitals this week to activate emergency plans and increase ICU capacity. About three-quarters of the state’s ICU beds are occupied, according to the state’s website.

“Really, a threshold is being crossed in Arizona,” said Jared Baeten, an epidemiologist at the University of Washington.

“The alarming thing would be that the numbers are starting to rise in places that have already clearly peaked and are trending downward,” he said, referring to New York and other northeastern states where new cases and deaths have plummeted.

Health experts are concerned that there may be a further increase in infections as a result of national protests over racial injustices and police brutality that have brought people together for the past two weeks.