An extraordinary news is that the Mexican delegation has managed to gather one hundred and fifty athletes towards the great sporting event, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Given this, the feeling of power will aspire to much better results is constant. Let me explain: the large number of representatives is due to a process that began a couple of steps ago, when Bernardo de la Garza replaced Carlos Hermosillo. From there, De la Garza carried out one of the most brilliant administrations at the head of government sport.

All those athletes who began their respective sports careers at that time have come to this day with a great training process from the beginning.

Frankly, during the previous government, things also left much to be desired in the management of the sport from the Conade, but it seemed difficult, even with such bad management, to stop the development railway that was brewing.

It is not a question of simply making a scathing criticism without support, however, the unfortunate constant that we have perceived in the management of the current head of Conade has been, as Paola Espinosa pointed out, the worst that she has had to live . And boy, we are facing an athlete who has remained in high performance for more than twenty years, that is, she has seen a good number of directors pass in that government agency and today is, by far, the worst. There is corruption to the maximum, even detected and published by the SFP, and nothing happens; fictitious checks of expenses, as well as innumerable arbitrariness that does not stop; revenge, division and, to summarize punctually, a terrible direction of government sport. I am sorry, because I remember that young woman I interviewed at the end of the last century at the Ford plant in Hermosillo, Sonora. She arrived simple, full of illusions and later I witnessed her triumphs. In particular, I was present at the World Athletics Championships in Paris, in 2003, and I never thought that when I reached the top position as a sports director, I would do an address with so little neatness and efficiency. A terrible disappointment.

What a shame for the sport, it is being a time of sadness and darkness, like never before. The worst thing is that, as an athlete, he hoisted the flag of his union and led the criticism of managers, with good reason. Now he has moved away from all that, leaving behind the great prestige he gained on the slopes. There is no doubt that ambition and greed are tremendous enemies of the human being.


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